Cheapest GPU servers for blockchain, deep machine learning and mining

Rent GPU servers for scientific computing, deep machine learning and blockchain

The cheapest offer on the market

We believe machine learning must be affordable, therefore we offer inexpensive and flexible online GPU dedicated servers for deep learning and scientific calculations. Best price guaranteed!

Our servers can be connected in computing cluster of up to 1200 Nvidia 1060 GPUs, total of 1,382,400 CUDA cores, allowing high performance distributed parallel computation.​

Our GPU dedicated servers cost 5x times less than AWS instances and 3x times less than GPU servers at smaller competitors!


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Tell us what server you need and intended duration


Pay safe with Paypal money back guarantee  

Access provided

We will provide SSH root access for you immediately after payment is complete

Install software and upload files

You can install any software you need and you good to go!


Excellent prices and easy payment 

We guarantee the lowest GPU VPS price on the market. We accept PayPal with money back guarantee and other payment methods such as cryptocurrency for your convenience.


We can customize and configure deep learning server hardware upon the request.  Memory, SSD, HDD and even number of GPUs can be added. Ubuntu 18.04 server in pre-installed on our GPU VPS, other OS can be installed upon request.

Data protection

All data is deleted by deep formatting once you finished. Each client works with a new copy of the software.


Compare our servers performance and price with major companies such as GPU instances from  AWS, GPU instances from google and azure and GPU servers from small competitors. You’ll be surprised!
GPU Instance
CUDA Cores
6 x GTX 1060 6GB
36 GB (6 х 6 GB)
7680 (6 х 1280)


minimum rental period is 2 month

5 x GTX 1080 8GB
40 GB (5 х 8 GB)
12800 (5 x 2560)


minimum rental period is 2 month



GPU VPS, instances for machine learning

6 x GTX 1060

GPU server configuration: ​

  • SSD OS disk

  • Up to 1 TB Storage disk

  • 4 Gb RAM

  • 6 Gb RAM GPUs

GPU VPS, instances for machine learning

5 x GTX 1080

GPU server configuration: ​

  • SSD OS disk

  • Up to 3 TB Storage disk

  • 4 Gb RAM

  • 8 Gb RAM GPUs

We are a young company with decent experience in building powerful computing centers.
We use free cooling and world’s cheapest electricity to provide best unmatched prices on the market!
We are committed to provide you excellent personalized service! Please contact us to learn more!


We proudly serve academia and business clients across the globe.


There are world's TOP20 universities, large life science and blockchain companies among our clients.


We will be delighted to provide you references and letters of recommendation upon request.


How do we manage to provide best unmatched prices on GPU servers rental?

Basically we are keeping our costs as low as possible so you can benefit from the best prices on GPU dedicated servers and VPS rent.


First, we utilize one of world’s cheapest electricity, times less expensive than in highly populated regions.


Second, due to remote location our rent costs are as low as $1.79 sq.ft/yr (yes, you read it correct)


Third, we are using free cooling, it means that cold outside ambient air rushes in and cools our servers down without any need of using air conditioners.


Ambient air temperature at our location varies from -30C (-22F) in the winter to +15C (59F) in summer allowing free cooling year around.  

Does it make financial sense to own GPU server for machine learning, scientific calculations, rendering or blockchain?

Let’s calculate the costs of owning and running your own GPU server instead or renting it from us.

We are looking to buy 5x GTX 1080 server, it will cost you $500 per card plus another $600 for cheapest peripherals, total of $3100.

Let’s calculate interest on that 6% x $3100 = $186/yr.

Now, let’s calculate depreciation.

At the rate of 35% a year it will cost you another $1085/yr.

It will produce a lot of noise, so you will have to rent a separate room for it, 100 sq.ft. room at $10/yr (with A/C included) will cost you another $1000/yr.

Let’s imagine that you run GPU server in California with the electricity price of $0.20/kWh, server with five Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUs will consume 5x180Wh=0.90 kWh plus some 0.1 kWh for additional coolers, CPU etc, total of 1.00 kWh, it will cost you 1.00 x $0.20 x 24 x 365 = $1752/yr.


Compare it at $3376/yr if you lease/rent GPU server from us (15% discount for one year rental applied).

This calculation don’t even include electricity to cool your GPU server down and routine maintenance costs. If you add it up you’ll see that renting GPU server from us is nearly 50% cheaper than running your own.



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